maine o gram4

  1. TABLE FOR 6
    Mich and Jess run Table 6 Designs and Table 6 Tees. Table 6 Designs has done work with my band Covered in Bees for years, as well as doing work with Tsunami Tattoo, Boda, Bayside Bowl, and The Bollard. From web and graphic design to all your printing needs, Table 6 Designs is a cut above the rest. Make sure to check out and pick up a custom high-end fashion tee.
    I found Black Girl in Maine blog when Samuel James posted a link to an article he wrote for the sight. I read Sam’s article because he is an amazing storyteller both in song and print. The site is a collection of great Maine culture writers, predominantly Shay (aka Black Girl in Maine). I read ever article published by the site. It is super important. Subscribe and donate to BGIM.
  3. GO JOE
    Have you ever wanted to watch video after video of homemade Rube Goldberg machines, but hate OK GO? Well, look no further, Joe builds mind blowing family friendly machines. Say goodbye to the next few hours and say hello to a world of chain reactions.
    Netflix just released season one of The Umbrella Academy, a ten episode adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’s comic book of the same name. A quirky family drama with super-powers, heartbreaking and heart-pounding. If you enjoy GW’s storytelling from Black Parade, Killjoy’s or his run of Doom Patrol; you will love this show and book. Every ounce of this show is magic.
    Water Champs Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky host this hit youtube show and podcast, Your Mom’s House. For fans of O&A or classic Stern; this honest, fun, funny, irreverent, and gross podcast will have you rolling. Keep those jeans high and tight! They are home here now, cool guy!
    LITTLE BIG are a Russian rave group. Until recently LB were best known for the video to their song, My Dick is Big. As funny as it is ridiculous, I immediately fell in love with Little Big and downloaded all their records. High energy, aggressive dance party music. Imagine if LMFAO or Die Antwoord were from St. Petersburg. Recently LB has set the world on fire with their latest banger, SKIBIDI; whose video has 186 million views. You will either love them of hate them. 

Have a great month! xo Boo!

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