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    The Westbrook Ice Disk was a large ice circle that formed in the Presumpscot River and grew to almost 300 feet before coming to an end. From the sky it looked like a photo of earth from space and from the ground it looked like a giant ice record slowing rotating on its watery turntable. The phenomenon drew lookie-loos form far and wide and sparked a small post Christmas boon for local eateries. Like Frosty the Snowman, the Westbrook Ice Disk’s days were numbered, but its end did not come at the hands of warmer weather. The WID was killed by people who could not leave well enough alone. People tried ice skating on it, planting flags into it, finally a “artist” from New Jersey murdered the disk trying to turn it into a peace symbol with a hatchet. Check out the Nat Geo article for more details and pics:
    This send up of Paul Stanley is endlessly quotable and super funny. I would bet dollars to donuts the KISS frontman would not find this at all funny. From Never Not Funny, only 4 episodes were filmed. A YouTube classic:
  3. HALLOWEEN (2018)
    Every few years the Akkad family releases a new Halloween film and every few years the wife and I watch the entire franchise ahead of the new installment. There have been ups and downs along the way, but overall the Halloween franchise is pretty strong. In September of 2018 we had the return of Laurie Strode in the David Gordon Green directed Halloween (2018), a direct sequel to the original 1978 film. Halloween (2018) brings the scares, jumps, and laughs; while addressing trauma and PTSD. If you missed H2018 in the theaters, it is now available on Blu Ray.
    I love Maine. I love Allen’s Coffee Brandy, Moxie, Bert & I, the Wicked Good Band, LL Bean boots, Stephen King, Whoopie Pies, Tim Sample, Big G’s, EB White and Dysart’s. Spose is a skilled writer and rapper. He compliments his storytelling and punchlines with dynamic and inventive rhyme styles. Spose’s new CD WE ALL GOT LOST is a masterpiece. A celebration of hip-hop and Maine musicians. The features on WAGL reads like Mark Curdo’s iPhone contacts. The best of the best bringing varied innovative exciting approaches to each song. Whether backed up by a band or a DJ, Spose and his newest release are swinging for the fences and hitting home runs.
    “SATANIC PANIC: Pop-Cultural Paranoia in the 1980s” is a look back at the devil obsessed 1980’s in America. From heavy metal, WM3, satanic ritual abuse, to the McMartin preschool trial; this collection artfully details one of the most unbelievable periods of modern mass hysteria. From funny to heartbreaking, Satanic Panic pulls no punches.
  6. I’m In Love With a Girl Named Spike Podcast
    Mike Park and crew are watching the entire Degrassi series in order. Follow along as they share their thoughts and fandom about Spike, Wheels, Snake and eventually Tessa Campanelli. I fun listen!