I will watch any documentary about a band or musician. I don’t dig the Grateful Dead but loved the doc about Phil Lesh. Same goes for the Foo Fighters doc. Even liked the Katy Perry doc, which I watched because of Johnny Rotten’s review. (So funny.) A good rock doc will make me want to like the subjects music. After watching the 4 hour Tom Petty doc, I listen to TP for a month straight. After watching the ICP special, I spent weeks at the Dark Carnival. Pearl Jam 20, ResErection, The Declines, Bouncing Souls, Oi! The Movie, Los Punks, Truth or Dare, The Mokons doc, The Residents doc, A Band called Death, The Fishbone doc, The Bad Brains doc, The Anvil doc… The story of an artist and their art and the struggle to make that art, is a beautiful universal story. 

I recently watched the Lady Gaga doc, FIVE FOOT TWO, on Netflix. It did not make me want to check out her current or past catalog. It was mostly the story of a rich lady surrounded by her staff crying and smoking weed. Although it may have given the viewer a peak behind the scenes, it was guarded and impersonal. Although physically revealing it revealed nothing emotionally. Compared to Duane Peters scene in The Other F Word which made me cry for a week, FFT is styrofoam. Flavorless and devoid of meat.

This doc could not do in 90 minutes, that a  Complex youtube video does in 20. Then again maybe I was never going to like a doc that used the NFL Super Bowl Half Time Show as its narrative through line.