Lost Episode 003: Zabba Doo from 12.08.13


In this blast from the past episode Boo and Cat chat about their loud ass house, Louie cat, things that didn’t get cut out, string art vs the string arts, Kitchen Nightmares made us assholes, sex, Eugene Mirman, Kardashians, Boo sings Kenny and Dolly, Worlds End, We start over for some reason…, What Is the Munjoy DiMission?, Boo’s Mumble Game, loud neighbors, Our top comedians! Eddie Izzard, U.S. citizen ship testing, Bill Hicks, Doug Stanhope, Rickard Pryor, Patrice O’neil, Greg Geraldo, Maria Bamford, gender roles, gender and the scene, racism, 13 Sayings Only People from Maine Understand, Child World, Wicked Good Band, Cat’s Movie Review-vie, Springbreakers, World’s End (again), and a whole lot more on this “lost” episode of Munjoy Division.

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