Episode 31: You’re a Vegan Now!

Episode 31: You’re a Vegan Now!

Boo and Cat talk about Cow Tongue Taco’s, cheating death?, winning powerball?, why don’t we kill?, Boo climbs on his high horse, JT and Cake Flushing, What Hurts?, Taco Salad, smoke screens, I Had Not Noticed, the show Boo can’t remember is called “Firefly”, Pod and the Furious, Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow, Shaving Ryan’s Privates, Oscar’s Red Carpet, Proms, REPULSION (1965), Texas Chainsaw, Evil Dead 2, Black Christmas, Neil Marshall’s Descent, The Loved Ones, Sleep Tight, and a whole lot more!

Munjoy Division Episode #30: Cupo Chisholm

Munjoy Division Episode #30: Cupo Chisholm

Cat and Boo talk about Congress Street Bar and Grill (again), play a round of ‘It’s Chicken!”, test drive new questions for future guests, Roustabout on CC, Kyle Kinane, Death to Dust: What Happens to Dead Bodies, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010), The English Muffins, White Like She, Bless Off by The Shrine, Black Denim Blitz by The Hip Priests, the word we were looking for is “Yarn Bombing”, worst jobs, pet peeves, ice cream sweethearts, talk about Keanu (again), the movie we are going to watch and review is called “REPULSION” (1965), The Babadook at The Frontier, M.Night, The Long Kiss Goodnight, The Village, “Poor Jen Aniston”, and a whole lot more!