Episode 28: A Very Munjoy Christmas 2014

Episode 28: A Very Munjoy Christmas 2014


Boo and Cat talk about all things James Bond, Goldfinger, “Is Mark Mark Wahlberg a robot?”, Free the Nipple… I guess, play a game of Bond Girl or Russ Meyer actress (quiz below), REPULSION (1965), take the Snopes Christmas Legends Quiz (link below), Krampus, Belsnickel, Black Pete, Farmer Rupert, Wishmater vs Warlock, Nightbreed, tradition, x-mss music, x-mas songs, and Cat’s perfect day and a whole lot more! Covered in Bees live.



Bond Girl or Russ Meyer Actress?

1. May Day
2. Pussy Galore
3. Strawberry Fields
4. Honey Ryder
5. Tempest Storm
6. Holly Goodhead
7. Kitten Nativadad
8. Sylvia Trench
9. Peaceful Fountains of Desire
10. Tura Satana
11. Plenty O’Toole
12. Raven De La Croix
13. Octopussy
14. Candy Samples
15. Dr. Molly Warmflesh



Bond Girl or Russ Meyer Actress? (Answers)

1. Bond Girl – A View to a Kill played by Grace Jones
2. Bond Girl – Goldfinger
3. Bond Girl – Quantum of Solace
4. Bond Girl – Dr. No
5. Russ Meyer – The French Peep Show
6. Bond Girl – Moonraker
7. Russ Meyer – Up! and Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens
8. Bond Girl – Dr. No
9. Bond Girl – Die Another Day
10. Russ Meyer – Faster Pussycat Kill Kill
11. Bond Girl – Diamonds are Forever
12. Russ Meyer – UP!
13. Bond Girl – Octopussy
14. Russ Meyer – Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens
15. Bond Girl – The World is not Enough


Episode 27: Your List, Your List Is On My List

Episode 27: Your List, Your List Is On My List



Boo and Cat talk about wrapping up Episode 26, but then talk about USA Today’s 10 Most Read Stories of 2014, Coke puts your name on the label, Kim Kardashian, ducks = death, ballerina, basketball, Tony Stewart, the whale under ice movie is called “Big Miracle”, the Pixar Theory, Mork dies, Michael Brown, Atom Age Vampire, Phantom from 10,000 Leagues, Lost Skeleton of Cadavera, Rotton Tomatoes Top 100 Horror Movies of ALL TIME, Let Me In and a whole lot more on this weeks episode of Munjoy Division!





Episode 26: Cashews are the Reason for the Season (Part 1)

Episode 26: Cashews are the Reason for the Season (Part 1)

Boo and Cat talk about: Miller Light from Amato’s, Deb’s Bar and Grill aka Congress Street Bar & Grill, JJ KING, Gordon Ramsey, Bar Rescue, Die Hard, Spider Man Walkie Talkies, Bat attack, white nose disease, Bat Baiting, Christmas cards, Ferdinand, Top 5 Pauly Shore Movies to Make Love To, Cop Stabber, Two and a Half Men, teeth, The Great Christmas Light Fight, Cashews and Coke, Jet Alert, Noyous Joel, Covered in Bees, Joy Division/Bauhaus/Cure, Frannie Peabody Center, Vita-mix, Our Charity Tradition and a whole lot more! Part 1 of 2.