Episode 25: Raise a Glass to Swino!


Episode 25: Raise a Glass to Swino: Boo & Cat talk about Swino the pig that drank 18 beers, Stephen King’s IT, Boo preforms an entire movie in 10 seconds, Boo chickens out, Trancers 1, 2 & 3, Ride Along, Sex Tape, 22 Jump Street, the mundane adventures, and much much on this weeks episode of Munjoy Division!

3 weeks in a row!

Episode 24: Special Demon’s Unit


Boo & Cat talk about why not to scream into the microphone, letters from listeners, Stephen King’s IT, Excision, Deliver Us from Evil, title’s better than D.U.F.E., The Upper Crust, the upper cost, the Dave Sheridan hole, the Led Zepplin test, sneaky pricks, the test pig, The Dark Knight Returns, “get it”, Jesus-house, Christian radio and much much more on this week’s episode of Munjoy Division!


Episode 23: Roll Four Times

Episode 23: Roll Four Times

Boo & Cat talk about their weekend getaway… to Bangor with stops at the Saco Drive-in, Haddonfield, Rock n Shock with PJ Soles, Moody’s Diner, Owl’s Head Transportation Museum, Thistles, Tommyknockers Tour, Bett’s Books, Cole’s Land Transportation Museum, Stephen King’s House, Thistle’s, Hollywood Slots, (duck in the background 1:08:50), the drunks at the bar, PLUS a Halloween Warning! Cat & Boo discuss The House’s that October Built!

BERT CAST: http://bertcast.com/?p=259

Have a great week everybody!

Episode 22: This is Sucks, Not Mark Wahlberg


Episode 22: This is Sucks, Not Mark Wahlberg: Boo and Cat talk about: Stephen King’s IT, Trancers, Elvira’s 13 Nights of Hulu-ween, THE CREEPS, Prometheus, Biil & Ted, Blade Runner, Helen Hunt, IMDB, The Fog (1980), The Fog (2005), Jamie Lee Curtis, Adrienne Barbeau, Cat hates Selma Blair, Hellboy, A Dirty Shame, Boo puts celebs into categories, Cat puts celebs into categories, Cat compares Gary Oldman to the greatest actor of all time, Keanu Reeves, remakes, Rob Zombie’s Halloween, The Stuff, Psycho, ham-fisted Monte Christo sandwich metaphor, Covered in Bees’ Troma Institute of Technology (TIT) video shoot, Kvelertak, owl hats, FINTROLL, Bob Fingerman, Chris Seaver will be our friend!, real life horror story… so gross…, and much much more on this weeks episode of Munjoy Division.