Episode 19: I Want To Go To Sweaty Jungle

LINK TO EPISODE: Munjoy Division Episode 19: I Want To Go To Sweaty Jungle
Boo and Cat talk about her broken foot, The Friday the 13th Series, The Nightmare on Elm Street Series, Bad Words, The Lego Movie, Orange is the New Black, Everything is not Awesome, “As Above, So Below”, Urban Explorers, the Catacombs in Paris, Warlock Home Video’s Evil Night by Chris Seaver, Guardians of the Galaxy, White Zombie, Chris Pratt, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and change-change-change!
Boo’s Notes:

1. Breckin Meyer is the Clueless cast member who was in Freddy’s Dead.

2. When you look at the statue of William Penn on top of city hall in Philadelphia at this angle it looks like a treaty in his hand is his penis.