Boo’s Guide to Episode 12

Citrus on fish, when you don’t really cook it is called “Ceviche”. I will never eat this.

Potato dumplings are “Samosas”. I will eat all of this.

Ferris Bueller did not play Duckie.

Dukie was played by “Jon Cryer”, who was in the best punxploitation movie ever “Dudes”.

Dan Roebuck also stars in “Dudes”. Dan Roebuck is awesome. We hope to one day get him on the podcast.

The guy “who is a jerk in everything” is Josh Hamilton.

The girl who used to have curly hair, but now doesn’t is Kerri Russell, not Kerri Strug.

The little things that hang on walls. (LINK)

That lady from “The Crazies” is Lynn Lowry.

Not 2000, but “2001 Maniacs”.

The Texas Chainsaw reboot and the Friday the 13th reboot were both directed by Marcus Nispel.

The two 311 songs with the same intro are “Freak Out” and “My Stoney Baby”.

Drink every time I say “you know what”.

We cannot remember the show where we identify with the adults and not the kids was…

Micheal Weatherbee’s name is Michael Weatherly and people love his feet.

Jessica Alba dance/cheerleader movies include Honey. I assumed she was in Step Up or Bring it on.

Slumber Party Massacre is currently on Netflix.