Boo’s Guide to Episode 007: Human Caterpillar

Hello Munjoy Division!

Thanks for listening to episode 007 of Munjoy Division! If you were wondering WTF I was talking about this episode, I have pulled together a list of links that should fill in all the gaps. See you next Friday! xoxo Boo

1. The movie I called Tomb of the Dead is actually called Tombs of the Blind Dead. It is the first of 4 Blind Dead movies put out by Blue Underground.

2. The role of Silk Spectre II was played by Malin Akerman in the Watchmen film.

3. The role of Nite Owl, in the same film, was played by Patrick Wilson.

4. The movie we cannot remember if Insidious (2010) and Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013). Both amazing fun!

5. Dexter’s sister is Jennifer Carpenter… I think she was also his wife for a while.

6. “That director” who made The Usual Suspects is Bryan Singer.

7. “The company” that did The Purge and Paranormal Activity are Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions! Outrageous!

8. The “other actor” from The Signal is Justin Welborn.

9. “One of the actors” from The Blair Witch Project is Micheal C. Williams!


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